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This article will talk about the computers and components themselves to get a quality signal without seizing and hovering the system and sound itself. This article is designed for a younger generation of amateur radio amateurs who are not a kettle or a lamer in terms of PC q soft, and has basic computer skills.

Let’s start with the most important thing is the processor! Because I have a lot of experience with multimedia servers and their service, I will write right away what AMD is best for our purposes. All of AMD’s processors are sharpened to work with better sound than Intel and cost less. Our task is to get sound quality without artifacts.

The mother can be any but Want to draw your attention but the factor is that it is better to take the full factor “Full AT” as they are equipped with a better base of radio elements, they have more PCI slots and other superiority over the mini factor. Of course, we are talking about a modern database of computers and components based on PCI today.

I will describe the minimum requirements for PC for my digital station and DAW plug-ins. AMD FX-4300 quad Core processor, 8 gigabytes of memory with 1600 MHz. two bars of 4 gigabytes, Asus M5A78L-M LX3, BP ATX – 950 watts, Creative Sound Blaster sound card, SCSI U320 controller – Adaptec 29320A Ultra320 SCSI U320. and IBM’s Winchester 146Gb U320 SCSI HP 15K. System – WINDOWS SERVER 2008 R2 Enterprise 64 BIT. With the full installation of Image-Line q additional vst plugins.

As for the SCSI U320 or SCSI SAS, these Winchesters should cool well as they warm up. This is very important for SCSI Winchesters. The speed of the slot should be at least 15k. The size is at least 73 gigabytes, so you have enough for the system and the rest of the software. But the best and most optimal is 147 gigabytes.

Do not in any case do not use SSD solid state as they quickly fail, and the most important thing on such a Winchester signal is dry. I described it in a previous article

On the subject of the sound card. I’ve tried all the available maps for signal processing. During the tests, I identified one line of Creative, so I point out the models that gave high quality signal Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5, Creative Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD.

Windows 7 should only be 64 bit!because – 32 bit the system loses in performance!

I think in this article I explained the minimum requirements and the essence of the direction where to go to get a quality ESSB signal.

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